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grassfed beef variety pack 12.5#, 25#, 50#
grassfed beef shipping box sampler size 12.5# or 25#
grassfed beef shipping box family pack 2 boxes

Sampler, Mini, Family Packs

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Besides being able to choose individual finished cuts, we offer the option of buying a sampler, mini, or family pack.  Our steaks are all boneless and the only cuts with bones in these packs are the chuck roast and arm roast. 

At checkout in the box labeled "Add a note to your order", you may choose the roasts and steaks you would prefer to have included in these variety boxes.

You have the option of picking up your beef at the ranch or you can opt to pay $25 per box to have it shipped to your door. Our boxes have 2” thick super insulation and include 8 gel cold packs which will keep the beef frozen for up to 5 days on the road.

As with all of our shipments, each box includes a prepaid return shipping label that enables you to return the box to us without having to dispose of it in the garbage. We can rewrap and reuse the insulation and rebag and refreeze the cold packs.

Choose one of these bulk options that can fit into the freezer section of your refrigerator or up to a small 3.5 cubic foot freezer.

The Sampler includes approximately 12.5# of beef: 6# ground beef, one roast, 3-4 single packed boneless steaks (or 2 double packed). It is shipped in one 16x16x12 insulated box. It will take up less than half a cubic foot of freezer space. Shipping is $25.

The Mini Pack includes approximately 25# of beef: 12# ground beef, 2 roasts, 3 double packed boneless steaks (or 6-8 single packed). It is shipped in one 16x16x16 insulated box. It will take up less than one cubic foot of freezer space. Shipping is $25.

The Family Pack includes approximately 50 # of beef: 24# ground beef, a tri-tip or a flank steak or a brisket, 4-5 roasts, 6 double packed boneless steaks (or 12 single packed). It is shipped in two 16x16x16 insulated boxes. It will take up about 1.75 cubic feet of freezer space. Shipping is $50.