Goodbye, loyal customers and followers. We will no longer be selling beef from Four Pines Ranch. The website will close on August 1. It’s been a great 12 years. Recent climate trends, increasing costs of supplies, and the loss of our trusted processor have brought us to this decision. We thank you for choosing our beef these years and supporting our business. Sayonara and shalom.


Shipping Information

We ship beef boxes on Mondays and Tuesdays.  In order to keep our shipping costs reasonable, we use UPS ground transportation and limit our shipping range to those areas reached in 1-3 days.  The beef will remain frozen in our shipping boxes for at least 5 days but with any delays, that would bump up into a weekend, losing 2 days sitting in a truck or warehouse.  

We have set our shipping charge at $30 per box for the medium box holding 12.5# and the large box holding 25#.  Our smallest box holding 6-7# ships for $25.  A family pack of 50# would ship in two large boxes for a shipping charge of $60 ($30/box).  The small quarter beef would ship in three large boxes for a shipping charge of $90 ($30/box).  The large quarter beef would ship in four large boxes for a shipping charge of $120 ($30/box).  

The UPS shipping map below shows the areas within our shipping range.  If you live within the yellow area, your box will arrive in 1 day of shipping.  In the gold area, boxes will arrive in 2 days.  In the green area, boxes will arrive in 3 days.

UPS shipping map.gif

Return of the Shipping Box

Returning the shipping box to us helps us reuse and recycle the materials in the box.  We rewrap the insulation pieces in fresh butcher paper and clean and refreeze the cold packs.  A prepaid UPS label for returning the box to us is attached to the inside box lid.  It is highlighted in yellow.  A UPS driver can accept your package for return since it already has this label.  We also include a personalized list for you of UPS locations where you can drop off the box.  It is not required that you return these boxes.  It's an option we give you so you don't have to dispose of them in your garbage and we can reuse them.