Goodbye, loyal customers and followers. We will no longer be selling beef from Four Pines Ranch. The website will close on August 1. It’s been a great 12 years. Recent climate trends, increasing costs of supplies, and the loss of our trusted processor have brought us to this decision. We thank you for choosing our beef these years and supporting our business. Sayonara and shalom.


How to place an order?

We sell our beef by the individual cut or in variety packs. Choose a bulk variety pack to receive a mixed variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. Or select your favorite individual cuts to fill a box. We have 3 shipping box sizes that can hold up to 6#, 12.5#, or 25#. For best use of the shipping rate, you might want to consider choosing your selections to fit those sizes. The 6# box ships for $15. The other boxes ship for $25 each. We include a return shipping label so you have the option of shipping the boxes back to us rather than putting them in the garbage. We can rewrap the insulation pieces and refreeze the cold packs to use again.

What is included in a bulk variety pack?

When we process a whole beef, we find our yield to be 50% ground beef, approximately 20% steaks, and 30% roasts and other cuts (not counting the bone cuts of short ribs and shanks).

Consequently we design our variety packs using this percentage. The boxes we have will hold 12.5# (the sampler pack), 25# (the mini pack). If you want to order 50# (the family pack), that will come in two 25# boxes.. If you choose 100# (approximately a quarter beef), that will come in four 25# boxes. Contact us if you are interested in larger quantities.

In these variety packs you may choose to have your steaks packaged in single portions or two per package. You also can let us know your favorite steaks and roasts so we can plan your box to include those choices.

What is the price per pound in a bulk variety pack?

The Sampler Pack costs $160 so your price per pound for 6 pounds of ground beef, a 3.5 - 4 pound roast, and 3 pounds of boneless steaks would calculate to about $12.80 per pound.  Add just $25 to have this shipped to your door.

The Mini Pack costs $320 so your price per pound for 12 pounds of ground beef, two 3 - 4 pound roasts, and 5 pounds of boneless steaks (approximately 6 steaks) would calculate to $12.80 per pound.  Add just $25 to have this shipped to your door.

The Family Pack costs $620 so your shipped price per pound for 25 pounds of ground beef, four 3 - 4 pound roasts, and 10 pounds of boneless steaks (approximately 12 steaks) would calculate to $12.40 per pound.  Add just $50 to have this shipped to your door.

See the product page for details on larger packs including a Small Quarter (75#), a Large Quarter (100#), a Half (175#) and a Whole (350#).


How is our beef processed?

The beef we sell is processed in a small locally owned and operated, USDA inspected, meat processing plant. It is dry aged for 2 weeks before being cut into consumer sized pieces. Then it is packaged in convenient portions, vacuum packed and quick frozen.

The USDA inspector is there to check the health of the live animals and also to inspect the plant for cleanliness and proper handling of the beef. With USDA inspection, we are ensured that the beef we sell is clean and safe. When we bring it home from the processor, we store it in our freezers at a temperature of 5 degrees below zero. Kept this cold, the USDA states that it will last years and when thawed will be as fresh as the day it was processed.