Goodbye, loyal customers and followers. We will no longer be selling beef from Four Pines Ranch. The website will close on August 1. It’s been a great 12 years. Recent climate trends, increasing costs of supplies, and the loss of our trusted processor have brought us to this decision. We thank you for choosing our beef these years and supporting our business. Sayonara and shalom.

grassfed beef brisket point
grassfed beef brisket flat
grassfed beef brisket whole
grassfed beef brisket whole flip side


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Brisket comes from the front of the animal between the chuck and the shank. It is comprised of the pectoral muscles that are responsible for supporting much of the animal’s weight. Long, slow cooking will break down these tough connective tissues. The generous amount of fat brings out a full flavor.

Our whole briskets this year range from 3.5 - 6#. Please note the 6# brisket can't be shipped as it is too large for our largest box. We only have one each of the flat and the point. The flat has more meat and the point has more fat.

Shipping charge will be added at checkout. The cost is determined by the weight of the total order. Up to 7# will fit in a small box, shipped for $25. From 8# to 26# will fit in a medium or large box, both shipped for $30. Multiple boxes ship for $30 per box.