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About Us

Our Story

Four Pines Ranch is located on 200 acres west of Baker City, Oregon.  Our view to the east is across the Baker Valley to the rugged peaks of the Eagle Cap Mountains.  To the west and nearly in our back yard are the Elkhorn Mountains, particularly known for the population of Mountain Goats who live high up in the range. 

Scott purchased what is now Four Pines Ranch in 1999.  His background in carpentry helps him plan and execute projects from water systems to haybarns.  His years working with machinery at a ski resort gave him the knowledge and experience to be able to fix just about anything, a valuable skill every day.

Rebecca joined the ranch partnership full time in 2013 after 20+ years teaching music to elementary students.  Working without a clock dictating her schedule is a welcome change of lifestyle.

We raise our cattle with no added inputs (no synthetic hormones, no antibiotics, no gmo feed, no pesticides). 

During the growing season, our cattle are raised on fresh grass in our natural pastures.  We continue to upgrade the variety of grasses and forbs that grow best in our climate and give the best nutrition to the cattle.

When snow covers the ground, they feed on hay produced on our farm or from neighbor farms in the Baker Valley.  Calves stay with their moms through the winter and are weaned in early spring.

As well as providing the best possible environment, care, and management for our cattle, we also continue to develop the genetic line for animals that are best at processing grass into tender, tasty, and marbled meat.  When purchasing new bulls and saving replacement heifers, we select for these genetic characteristics.