Four Pines Ranch

all-natural grass-fed pasture-grazed beef from Oregon

Our mission

Four Pines Ranch is a small, independently owned and operated ranch located in Eastern Oregon.  We are dedicated to producing and direct marketing all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-grazed beef that will satisfy your taste-buds and contribute to your health.  We practice sustainable and responsible farming and marketing.

What we do

Our cattle have no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, no GMOs, no pesticides, no herbicides, no commercial fertilizers, no grain, no animal byproducts.


During the growing season, our cattle are raised on fresh grass in our natural pastures.  When snow covers the ground, they feed on hay produced on our farm.  Calves stay with their moms through the winter and are weaned in early spring.


As well as providing the best possible environment, care, and management for our cattle, we also are developing the genetic line for animals that are best at processing grass into tender, tasty, and marbled meat.  We select for these characteristics in our replacement heifers and bulls.

Why choose our beef

  • it's good for you
  • it's good for the earth
  • it's easy to order online
  • paypal offers financing
  • it's shipped to your door

Breeding Stock Bulls for Sale!

First opportunity to purchase a bull from Four Pines Ranch!  Check out our breeding stock for sale page!